Conflict of Interest

High Risk Vendors

High Risk Distributors

High Risk Guests and Attendees

Module 1: Exploring Photoshop CS6

Experimenting with New Vector Capabilities

Filling a Vector Shape with a Pattern

Adding a Mask to a Vector Layer

Using the New Brush Tips

Saving a New Brush

Adding Strokes to Vector Images

Cloning a Vector Image

Adding Text Layers from Another Document

Updating Text Styles

Cropping an Image

Ghost employees

Employee falsified time entry

Background Checks

Segregation of Duties

Module 2: Getting to Know the Workspace

Opening an Existing File in Mini Bridge

Discovering the Tools panel

Adding a Mask to a Vector Layer

Accessing Tools and their Options

Using Panels

Hidden Tools

Adding Strokes to Vector Images

Navigating the Image Area

Using the Zoom Tool

Working with Tabbed Windows

Maximizing Productivity with Screen Modes

Ghost Vendoors

Duplicate vendor transactions

Vendor Spend Analysis

Vendor Price Variations

Module 3: Photoshop Basics

Opening an Existing Document

Discovering the Tools Panel

Understanding Document Settings

Viewing an Image's Size and Resolution

Using Panels

Combining Images by Copying, Dragging

Transforming and Editing Combined Images

Understanding the Stacking Order of Layers

Removing a Background

Refining Edges of Copied Images

Choosing a File Format

Saving for Print and Web Us

Module 4: Painting and Retouching

Setting Up your Color Settings

Comparing RGB and CMYK modes

Using the Color Panel

Combining Images by Copying, Dragging

Changing Brush Settings

Applying Color to an Image

Changing Blending Modes

Retouching Images

Moving Through the History Panel

Using the Clone Stamp and Healing Tools

Working with Camera Raw

Ghost Customers

Unfavorable contracts terms

Repeated orders followed by returns

Excessive customer comission payments

Module 5: Creating a Good Image

Choosing your Color Settings

Working in RGB

Reading a Histogram

Adding Video

Making a Curve Adjustment

Defining the Highlight and Shadow

Adjusting the Midtones

Setting the Neutral

Sharpening your Image

Taking care of red eye

Working with Camera Raw

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