Conflict of Interest

High Risk Vendors

High Risk Distributors

High Risk Guests and Attendees

Module 1

Understanding fundamental principle of programming


Data Types & Operators

Understanding Input /Output in C

Ghost employees

Employee falsified time entry

Background Checks

Segregation of Duties

Module 2

Decision Control Statements

Simple if, if-else, Nested if else

Switch Case

Ghost Vendoors

Duplicate vendor transactions

Vendor Spend Analysis

Vendor Price Variations

Module 3

Iteration Control Statements

For, While & Do While Loops

Nested Loops

Module 4


Understanding Arrays

Using Arrays to implement data structure programs Linear search, Binary Search, Bubble Sort & Selection Sort

2D Arrays and Matrices Programs

Ghost Customers

Unfavorable contracts terms

Repeated orders followed by returns

Excessive customer comission payments

Module 5


Understanding Strings

Using String Library Functions

Using 2D Char Array Functions

Understanding Functions

Call by value call by reference

Library Functions

Command Line Argument

Module 6

Pre Processor Directives

Pre -Processor Directives

Creating own Header

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Copyrights @ SimbaCourse. All Rights Reserved