Conflict of Interest

High Risk Vendors

High Risk Distributors

High Risk Guests and Attendees

Adobe Illusrator

Basics of Photoshop CC-2018

Introduction The Working Place


Image and Color Modifications

Case Study - Black & White to

Color Tools Case Study - Wedding

Card Using the Brush and Paint

Working with Selections Case

Study - Photo Collage Scaling

Knowing the Layers Filter Gallery

Case Study - Greeting Card Color


Case Study - Photo Manipulation


Case Study - Poster Design


Ghost employees

Employee falsified time entry

Background Checks

Segregation of Duties

Adobe XD Module 1

Installing Adobe XD on Windows

Creating a New Project

Working with artboards in Adobe XD

Mastering the use of Adobe XD keyboard shortcuts

Adding and Importing Objects in Adobe XD

Storyboarding your app and designing it

Understanding the Layout Grid

Using Shapes and properties

Prototyping and Sharing

Exporting assets

Exporting assets

Prototyping and Sharing

Plugins and app integrations

Ghost Vendoors

Duplicate vendor transactions

Vendor Spend Analysis

Vendor Price Variations

Adobe XD Module 2

Auto-animate and Responsive resize

Build and test a full website design

Work with fonts and colors

Send your designs for feedback and comments

Create your first UX brief and persona

Create quick wireframes

How to use premade UI kits

Create quick wireframes

Creating a UX project from beginning to end

Build and testing a full mobile app

Learn to design websites & mobile phone apps

Learn techniques used by UX professionals

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