Conflict of Interest

High Risk Vendors

High Risk Distributors

High Risk Guests and Attendees

.NET Module 1

NET Framework, CTS and CLS

Programming with C#

Multi-Core Parallel Programming, Covariance and Contravariance with C#

ASP.NET Client-Server Architecture, HTTP Protocol, IIS WebServers and Cassini

HttpContext and HttpApplication objects

ASP.NET Toolbox Webserver Controls

Master Pages and Themes

Zero Code, Two-way and One-way databinding with Templates, Designers and DataSource Controls

ADO.NET N-Tier DLL based, Two-way and One-Way databinding with Templates

HTML5 Canvas and Video Renderers

Ghost employees

Employee falsified time entry

Background Checks

Segregation of Duties

.NET Module 2

Database connectivity with DBFactories

Entity Framework 4.0 and LINQ

XML and XPath Filters

Website Navigation with SiteMap Providers and SiteMapResolve events

URL Mapping and URL Routing

AJAX and Codeplex AjaxControlToolkit

Custom Controls, User Controls and Composite Controls

jQuery, Javascript and CSS

SOAP XML Webservices and Windows Communication Foundation[WCF] desktop and internet services

WPF and Mobile Development

ASP.NET Generic Handlers

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Copyrights @ Simbacourse. All Rights Reserved